Security System Installation (Access door and CCTV Camera)

We are a team of highly skilled engineers with over 10 years of combined experience in the security surveillance field. Our company has been registered for over 10 years and we have served thousands of happy clients. You will get a system that will meet your needs and more.
Whether you are a homeowner looking to secure your family and property, a small business owner taking preventative measures, look no further. IT Desk Limited is here to serve you.
In this era of time when we use different types of devices in our day to day life, we provide support for all your devices. Mobile, tablet, or computer, you can watch your home and office at the same time, on one or more screens, from anywhere in the world.
IT Desk Limited is a supplier of quality access control systems in Tanzania through innovative telecommunication features. We offer security access control systems in Tanzania that are designed to control access to your locations or entities. This is done by identification, authorization, access approval, and maintain records of the access given.

CCTV Installation Services

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From top to bottom, IT Desk Limited will create the most effective security surveillance solutions for any type of commercial business, residence, hoa or neighborhood community. We will design around your architecture to provide the utmost coverage. We have the ability to monitor every inch of your property – no matter how high or low, inside and out.We have a variety of surveillance camera techniques dependant on what you require. This will permit remote viewing, monitoring and alerting. Alerts can be triggered for a myriad of options from motion to sound.

CCTV Installation Services

IT Desk Limited will design and install your complete surveillance solution for any type of business, residential, or community scenario. IT Desk designs and installs Security Systems on time. Everything is done at one location meaning you will not have any delays or interference from outside persons or those not related to IT Desk. We have a full staff that provides support for all of our security surveillance Systems and Installation.

Expert Surveillance Installation

Advanced surveillance and security methods are united with IT Desk. This technique gives any business or home the most complete CCTV installation service at an affordable price. Our CCTV Installation service is designed to let a business stay focused on what they do best. While home and residential communities can count on the most fortified surveillance solution at an affordable cost. We keep one of the largest inventories of security products thus reducing cost.

Monitor Everything

Our security experts will come to your home or business and deliver a free security consultation and quote for CCTV Installation Services. Our security experts will engineer the most absolute security surveillance solution for your home or company. We now offer a handful of other security related options for our clientele. Remote Monitoring and access control will bring peak levels of security to any community. We provide the ultimate fortress security solution.

Security & Safety

For any company having surveillance is a huge consideration that must be taken into account. Protection against inventory loss and the ability to monitor employee productivity around the clock is priceless. IT Desk limited fast rise in the CCTV Installation arena field is easily credited to our hard work and proven security installation successes.
Customer satisfaction is the trademark for which we have worked exceedingly hard to establish ourselves as a leading commercial security camera installation company.

Access Control Systems

We provide you innovative security solutions. Our various access control systems being offered include:.
Swipe cards, Proximity cards, PIN entry keypads, Sophisticated biometric devices, Fingerprint attendance system, Card punching system, Facial recognition systems, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) card reader and Built-in alarms for catching attempts of unauthorized access

Biometric Access

Uses fingerprint scanning to regulate employee access within offices or family access within homes. It is fool-proof and needs minimal supervision to operate.

Elevator Access Control

This allows for operating elevators and has alarms for emergency and failure. We provide the professional support and design to implement this structural system.

Web based Access Control

Uses a usernames and passwords to grant access to employees or customers for any specific domain. This online system is safe and allows quick communication.

Door Access Control System

Maintains authorized access into a location through biometric devices or badges. The system has data stored for specific individuals who can access restricted areas.

IP based Identity Management

This system uses specific IP addresses for every specific individual/device through which everything else is accessible in the business or personal network.

Managed Controllers

Includes electronic controllers set up at access control points, physically operated by security staff. Examples are two-door or four-door controller.